Imagine the power you have to make a difference.

Together help us fight poverty – we can make a difference and there are so many ways you can help

Raffle Fundraiser

Buy a ticket to our Annual Raffle. You could win a trip to a sunny destination, or opt for cash!
Held each Fall at St. Irenaeus Church

Our founder, Father Nicholas Amico, believed everyone plays a part in solving poverty, even the impoverished and oppressed.  OCIMA provides education, medical care, housing and nutrition to many impoverished and oppressed people in Guatemala and Ecuador.
Providing an education to the poor builds up the community and knowledge helps people to find their own solutions to problems versus simply receiving handouts.  Many students who graduate from our school go back to their villages and surrounding communities as ambassadors, teachers and nurses.
But education alone isn’t enough.  It is imperative the poor have access to basic necessities – clean water, housing, good nutrition and an education.  Through many of OCIMA’s programs we are able to provide those basic necessities.  That is why your donation is so important and why every penny that comes in makes a difference.