About Us

For more than 40 years OCIMA has provided education, housing, medical care and nutrition to many impoverished and oppressed people in Guatemala and Ecuador.

​​​​It is OCIMA’s mission to help improve the health, medical care and education of the poor in Guatemala, Ecuador and other countries.  OCIMA has no boundaries in the ways we will help the poor gain independence.  We feel every person on this earth is entitled to food, clean water and health care so they can live in peace and find happiness.  It is our strong belief if we educate a child they can educate others in their community, empowering them so they can emerge from poverty and live with dignity.

All people are created equal, but all circumstances are not.  Together we can help end poverty so people can live with dignity.  In 40 years there is so much we have accomplished, but there is so much more we can do. Meet our tireless charity leaders, the current OCIMA Board of Directors and Endowment Fund Directors listed below.

Board of Directors


Father Nicholas Hugo Amico
May 1, 1926 – March 29, 2009
Founder & President Emeritus​​

Marie Cardinale Curreri

Susan M. Hug

Larry Gatt


Marie Cardinale Curreri​

Patricia Egan-Myers

Larry Gatt

Susan M. Hug​

Carolyn M. Schenden

Kenneth J. Schenden
Financial Advisor


Robert Brzustewicz, CEO
Empire Wire Co., MI​

Fr. Paul Chateau
Our Lady of Fatima
Oak Park, Michigan

Thomas Cracchiolo
Burns Associates

Daniel Devine, C.P.A., MI

Fr. Paul Golden, C.M., Director
Vincentian Canonical Services, CO

Robert Kendell, President
Board of Directors
St. Patrick’s Senior Center, MI

Msgr. James Maloney, Director
Propagation of the Faith
Achdiocese of Detroit, MI

P.F. Meo & Assoc., Accountants, MI

Gabriel Penate R.
Bishop of Izabal, Guatemala

John Richardson, C.M.
Vincentian Missions

James M. Schenden

Jose Tonello, Director
Ecuadorian Foundation for the Progress of People, Ecuador